A letter from our President

August 14, 2020
Dear IEHJA Members,
Well, 2020 has not been what any of us could have ever imagined or anticipated.  The year started off with high hopes, riders setting personal goals, green horses ready to go to shows for the first time, and trainers making plans to attend year end shows with their riders. Then, March came along, and so did the COVID 19 virus.  
March brought “stay at home” orders, lots of uncertainty of what this virus was, and fear of how deadly it might be to so many people.  As we all learned to live with new health and safety protocols, social distancing, wearing of masks, and the inability to visit family and friends; thoughts of how to attend horse shows became very real.  
I know that all of you are aware of how the virus has changed your lives for the last 5 months.  The horse world has been greatly impacted; many shows have been cancelled or rescheduled, lessons have stopped, and finals have been cancelled or changed.  Many riders have not been able to attend shows in order to earn points or qualify for medal finals or year end awards.  
This brings me to the changes IEHJA must make regarding the year end horse show and annual year end awards banquet.  
The Board discussed many ideas and options and did not come to this decision lightly.  This year our memberships were down, approved shows were cancelled, and sponsorships did not come in as usual.  The Board ultimately decided to cancel the year end horse show for 2020.  Points will be counted for the 2020 show year and awards will be presented.  At this time, there is no plan as to how to present year end awards.  Several ideas have been sent to the Board for consideration.  Once the Board makes a decision, all members will be notified.  
I want to thank all the riders, parents, and trainers who supported IEHJA, in this, a year of uncertainty, disappointment, and challenges.  People in the horse world remain resilient with hopes for a better 2021.  IEHJA remains to be an organization for the members.  2020 set us back a few steps , but it did not destroy us.  IEHJA will continue to serve its members with creative thinking and re-inventing ways to offer shows and banquets.  
Gretchen Clark
President, IEHJA

Join the IEHJA Board of Directors!

2020 is an election year for IEHJA

  • Members wanting to place their name on the ballot must notify the BoD in writing by September 25th. 
  • Ballots will be mailed out the first week of October.
  • Ballots must be returned with a postmark on or before October 15th.
  • New BoD will take office December 1st.
  • Members of the board will hold office for 2 years.

Contact info@iehja.com with questions, or to let us know you are interested!

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