IEHJA Affiliate Member Nomination Form

USHJA Champion Horse Show
November 15th-21 st , 2021 in Las Vegas Nevada

IEHJA is an affiliate member of USHJA and is eligible to nominate 3 riders per division to compete in their Las Vegas championship show. Riders nominated do not need to qualify via traditional USHJA points
accumulation. All nomination applications will be reviewed using an established criterion and the best qualified candidate(s) shall have
their nomination forwarded. Your trainer must submit a letter of recommendation in addition to your nomination application. To attach the trainer’s letter of recommendation please make it an attachment to your email. Letters may also be scanned and attached to the email. Applicant should note financial implications of attending the USHJA National Horse Show. IEHJA estimates $2500 in costs including the $200 per section (division) fee. IEHJA assumes no responsibility for any fees or other expenses associated with submitting this application to USHJA nor any competition related fees.

IEHJA Affiliate Divisions:

Hunters 2’ , Hunters2’6” , Equitation ages 14&under, 2’ Equitation ages 15-17, 2’6” Equitation adult, 2’6” , 0.70 Jumpers, 0.80 Jumpers, 0.90 Jumpers


Completed Applications must be received by July 19, 2021