Membership is valid from the date of application and fee submission through the end of the show year. Earn points toward IEHJA Year-End Championship Awards by submitting your membership application to either the IEHJA, or the management of an IEHJA-sanctioned show.

Coach/Trainer Membership


Includes one complementary horse registration.Join Now!

Junior/Amateur Membership


Includes one complementary horse registration.

Horse Registration


Registration is required for each horse throughout the year.Join Now!

The Details
  1. Riders MUST be members and horses MUST be registered to accumulate points towards IEHJA year-end awards
  2. Riders must be current IEHJA members to earn points toward and compete in the IEHJA Medal Finals
  3. Trainers and coaches of members competing in the IEHJA Medal Classes must be current IEHJA members
  4. Points toward the IEHJA Year End Championships accrue from the day you become a member. Points earned prior to your membership date will not count
  5. All memberships and horse registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable
  6. A rider’s show age is their age on December 31st of the show year