Hello IEHJA Members,

Happy New Year everyone.

This past year was definitely another challenging year. Several shows were cancelled or rescheduled due to the weather. Then, just as shows were going forward again, the VS Virus hit. Finally, the last third of the year, riders and trainers were able to get back into the show ring.

AS hard as it was for awhile, trainers, riders and owners persevered and were able to qualify for many year end finals.

On a positive note, IEHJA added KA Productions to the show schedule which offered exhibitors a new venue to attend. IN December, Getaway Show Series joined IEHJA offering yet another venue to attend.

The IEHJA Facebook is up and running, so please check it out to stay informed on shows and events.

Our memberships are growing fast and we have a new record for memberships in the month of January.

Lets all get off to a good start by updating memberships and working toward IEHJA medal finals and Vegas Nationals.

Happy showing, 

Gretchen Clark – IEHJA President